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Tips and Tricks to Engage Employees at Work

Have you ever realized the importance of Employee engagement program? Employee engagement has proven to be a prime focus area for HR in organizations. It facilitates an organization to render supreme results and gain edge over others. Researches have shown that motivated employees make extra effort, are more creative, work efficiently and learn at a faster pace.

When an organization values its employees and the work accomplished by them, the level of their productivity and satisfaction takes an upward shoot. As per various researches conducted on this subject, concerns with high level of employee satisfaction work more effectively and efficiently. Hence, recognition and praise are the roots towards building an outstanding workplace.

Some unique hacks to engage, inspire and succeed for any fraternity are discussed as below -

  1. Initiating a mentorship program – This has proven to be the most rewarding act for employees of the organization in a long run.


  1. Focus on health and wellness – Organizations supporting physical and mental wellness of their support team, by providing financial aid for gymnasium or other such physical activities and a counsellor fee for their mental and emotional imbalances, will help them cope up with day to day erratic life style.


  1. Building bond among themselves –Informal meetings and get togethers help in building a compassionate bond among the employees.


  1. Individual value addition – Encouraging the team to constantly enhance their skills and keep themselves updated with the latest technology, hooks them up fondly.


  1. Remodel - Participation of the team members in redecorating the office space to make it more convenient and lively also inspires them genuinely.


  1. Network connections – Encouraging employees to build up social connections on several social and business portals.They eventually get connected to their peers and colleagues. Moreover, reimbursing for the annual subscription fee for the same is also a good idea to follow.


  1. Branding of employees – Providing opportunity of media visibility to the employees on the webpage, website or a blog by their name, makes work interesting. Names of key employees to be highlighted on media exposure is another random act of compassion towards them.


  1. Celebrate – Each accomplishment to be publicized throughout the concern will fill them with great enthusiasm and energy.


  1. Employee participation – If all the team members are asked to share their idea about methods ofenhancing focus and interest towards work, it will definitely act as a catalyst for effective working of the organization.


  1. Direct connection with the key posts – If there lies a direct communication between the keypost holders with the lower team members, this will truly boost the system and engages them. This happens to be a prized bond for them.


  1. Inspire from within – Quick promotions and performance evaluations within the organization provides them opportunities to stretch their horizons immensely.


  1. Professional Motivator – Hiring a professional motivator is not heavy on pocket as a whole but a great opportunity to reorganize the team mentally and spiritually for working towards the future goals.


  1. Designing own rules – In the objective of attaining team synergy, they should be liberated to assign their own rules and strategies to combat organizational tasks. This is authoritative delegation and the ultimate nut cracker for inspirational and devotional issues towards the organization.


  1. Personal Projects – Creativity and flow of energy among the team can be refilled, if pursuing personal projects for a part of day is permitted to them occasionally.


  1. Proper orientation – Mentor to be appointed for the orientation of new employees will help in building trustworthy relationships between experienced employees and the newcomers.


Employee is an asset that brings business to the company. Hence, work on maximum such employee engagement activities to keep a strongly effective work environment in your office.

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